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About Capsimax


Fructus Capsicum Frutescenes or well known as Cayenne Pepper is being used medicinally for thousands of years. Its active function as appetite suppressant due to the presence of Capsaicin, which is a heating carmitive. It can elevate the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine- a sign of increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which could account for the reduction in appetite. Cayenne also increases the body’s heat production (thermogenesis) and speeds up the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.

Oryza Sative L. (Rice Bran) can assists in reducing cholesterol level because it consists of compounds that can reduce absorption of cholesterol and elevate the elimination of cholesterol. The intake of low fat diet with rice bran per day can decrease total cholesterol level up to 8% and “bad” lowerdensity lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol up to 14%. An in-vivo study conducted by Zawistowski and colleagues (2009) reported significant reduction of both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in hypercholestrolemic rats fed with atherogenic diets containing rice bran for 10 weeks. Taken together, rice is also a good weight-loss agent.

That is why CAPSIMAX is a perfect slimming booster.

CAPSIMAX (MAL 14015045T) Main 
 Fructus Capsicum Ftustescens (Cayenne Pepper) Extract 350mg
 and Oryza Sativa L. (Rice Bran) Extract 50mg